Maranda Ward

Imagine &

(re) Frame. Let’s build!

Imagine youth being revered for the power they hold. Now, (re)imagine how adults can best support and facilitate that.

We can probably count the number of experiences when youth are not framed in ways that provoke a spirit of wanting to help, pity, or quite frankly fear them. Now, let’s (re)frame this thinking for an investment in the range of youth cultures that will only advance our communities.

Promising Futures-Youth

Youth Development Pipeline

This labor of love uses a social justice approach to positive youth development and hip hop pedagogy...

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Thought Leader

Thinking in new ways and questioning and critiquing everything creates theory, knowledge and capital…

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Social Entrepreneur

Need a speaker, a trainer, a curriculum developer, a sounding board for ideas on youth programming…

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Inside Out

My values come through in my work. Whether advocating rights, developing youth or building community…

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Tripod Foundation, Inc

As a board member, I encourage you to consider contributing your talents and time to high school students considering the college and career
options available to them.

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Project Istwa

Project Istwa is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of self-empowerment, awareness and self-expression of Haitian youth through the use of photography.

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Sister Mentors

This mentoring model allows me to mentor a young girl but also be mentored by peers pursuing doctoral work. With my younger and seasoned sisters, pearls are stringed together.

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